Íme, a szexi jógi, aki meztelen meditációs tanfolyamot tart

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  • 2018.06.03 | 16:35

Jessica O'Brien 29 éves, és élete küldetése a testpozitív üzenet közvetítése. Éppen ezért olyan meditációs kurzusokat tart, ahol mindenki ruha nélkül lehet önmaga.

“Ezeknek az együttléteknek a célja az, hogy mindenki maximálisan önmaga lehet, nem kell senkinek sem megfelelnie. Én vagyok az a coach, aki a tanfolyama során nem csak a helyes légzés, az ászanák és a mudrák elsajátításában segít, de abban is, hogy minden nő úgy fogadja el és szeresse a testét, ahogy az van. Ennek fontos része persze a beszélgetés is”

– mondja Jessica O’Brien, aki csak nude bloggerként vagyis meztelen bloggerként tekint magára.

Jessica ha csak teheti, a természetben, szabad ég alatt tartja kurzusait, és civilben is is gyakran van ruha nélkül.

// 💗FEMPOWERMENT – kind words 💗// “I don’t have enough words to express the gratitude to you for holding an amazing workshop and space for us ladies to gather and let our shields down. …I believe that what I gained last night was the forgiveness that I’ve owed myself and my body for almost 15 years (after the stillbirth of my twin boys I shamed myself as I believed that my body had let me and my sons down). Last night I was finally able to shed some of that guilt and shame and I now have a new opportunity to see myself and my body in a different light. Thanks you whole heatedly again. 🙏🏽” – Sonia 🌸 🌸 I am so incredibly touched by this beautiful woman’s rawness and truth 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Women from all different walks of life…with different backgrounds, stories, scars and wounds. Women who have been imprisoned by their own shame, guilt, fear, burdens… Stepping into their vulnerability and unmasking that which has, consciously or subconsciously, kept them feeling unworthy, ashamed, powerless or disconnected. This stuff runs real deep, and it’s so humbling to help create a safe space in which these women are better able to identify these issues, unravel and reclaim their radiance… empowering themselves by reconnecting with their physical vessel so that they can begin to truly heal and embody their Divinity ✨ I have an upcoming workshop on the Gold Coast next weekend, so ladies, if you’re feeling the calling to join me for one of my FEMPOWERMENT workshops, click the link in my bio to book yourself a spot for an evening of magic 💖 Much love and many blessings, Jessa Xx . . #FEMPOWERMENT #brisbane #women #naked #nude #yoga #workshop #bodypositive #selflove #goldcoast

The Nude Blogger (@thenudeblogger) által megosztott bejegyzés,

FEMPOWERMENT – Brisbane 26/5 🌸💗🌸💗🌸 So last night was my first FEMPOWERMENT workshop with these Divine Goddesses 💖 What a journey ✨ What a privilege ✨ How humbling ✨ How inspiring ✨ I am honoured. Truly honoured. I revere these womens’ efforts to delve deep into their vulnerability. To unearth that which has previously kept them from fully embodying their true essence, their radiance, their femininity and their inner beauty which shines infinitely brighter than what we see on the surface. This is strength. An enlightening path to empowerment ✨ A journey to wholly accept ourselves and reclaim our radiance 💗 There were tears, laughter, silence, joy… Coming together as strangers, but leaving as sisters. Unified through our endeavours to love more. Accept more. Let go more. Surrender more. Unravel more. A sisterhood we’ve created…one in which there is no judgement, only acceptance. One in which we uplift each other and one in which we bear witness to each others’ truth…no masks, no labels, no clothes… just each woman…as they are. A space in which we work to transmute self-loathing and criticism into self-acceptance and love. This is such a beautiful process to bear witness to and a process that I am beyond humbled to facilitate 🙏🏽 These workshops have been on the cards for almost three years now, and last night’s journey beared the fruits of this manifestation…so thank you ladies for joining me and showing up for yourselves, and for the group 🙏🏽 You are all DIVINE 💖 🌸 I have another workshop on the Gold Coast in two weeks’ time, so ladies, if you are feeling the call to come and join me, click the link in my bio to book your spot 😘 Much love and many blessings, Jessa Xx #FEMPOWERMENT #brisbane #women #naked #nude #yoga #workshop #bodypositive #selflove #truth #goddess #shakti #feminine #empowerment #freedom #liberation #wild #sisterhood #gaia #divine #love #yogi #brisbane #weekend #vibes #saturday #night

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LOVE THY SELF 🌸🌸🌸 Self love extends to every part of our being…physically and metaphysically…sexual and non-sexual. Over the years, as I have allowed myself to become more expansive, my perception of sex and self love has also evolved. 🌸 I no longer view sex or masturbation, merely, as a primal urge or act of sorts. I believe that, with intention, it can be a powerful part of a spiritual practice and awakening. 🌸 Sexual energy is the primal and creative force of the Universe. We are all born out of this energy, it is not so taboo. 🌸 When we can learn to harness the potency of our sexual energy, we tap into a deeper understanding of sex, love, union…and our Self. 🌸 Exploring and embracing your sensuality need not be shameful…if anything, it is such an enriching and nourishing way of being. 🌸 I believe that having a self love ritual is such an integral part of expansive health, wellbeing and self-care…it is a portal to an enriched sense of self-awareness and allows us to enter into a deeper realm of bliss and union with Self. 🌸 Thank you to my gorgeous friend over at @nymphnyc for my beautiful Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand and Rose Quartz Essence Ritual oil. They are such a beautiful addition to my self love ritual 💖 Thank you for being such a supportive and genuine soul. For shining your light bright in this world to help empower myself and my sisters 💖🙏🏽💖 🌸 #selflove #love #ritual #pleasure #crystal #rosequartz #wand #sensual #sexual #energy #shakti #goddess #empowerment #feminine #sisterhood #sex #tantra #spiritual #health #unity #bliss #naked #bed #cozy #morning #blog #yoga #yogi #vegan #white

The Nude Blogger (@thenudeblogger) által megosztott bejegyzés,

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