Csupán 100 centi “magas”, mégis szexi modellként dolgozik

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  • 2017.11.10 | 09:16

Dru Presta alig 1 méterre nőt, törpenövése ellenére azonban szeretné megmutatni a világnak, hogy is lehet ám roppantmód szexi.

A 21 éves lány egy álmos kisvárosból költözött Los Angelesbe, hogy valóra váltsa élete nagy álmát, és modell lehessen. Extrém méretbeli adottságai miatt persze több ügynökség is felfigyelt rá, ami már csak azért is öröm számára, mert egész gyerekkorában mások gúnyos megjegyzései elől menekült.

My documentary was one of the biggest accomplishments I️ had this year. ? One picture behind the scenes. ? You guys have no idea how much was put into this production. I️ have never been more exhausted, but more excited to continue this journey. ? ? I️ was HUNGRY for MORE. I️ loved production process and doing it with the people I️ trust and know love, support and respect me. ❤️ After all the medical issues that come with being me, a ED, anxiety, insomnia, and depression, I️ never thought I️ would be in the position today. I️ LOVE THIS PICTURE. @angelrod_films You caught me in a random moment and time. LOVE THIS DAY TILL THE END. ? FIGHT FOR YOUR VOICE, EAT THAT BURGER AND WORK ON YOU BUT LOVE ❤️ YOURSELF❗️ Hair/make-up: @hairxdylspear Photographer: @angelrod_films Dress: @targetstyle Production: @barcroft_tv #mamiboss #targetstyle #moneymoves #fashion #model

Dru Presta (@g0lden.bebe) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Currently flirting with success ?? but fucking with this bitch called life. ? I turned 22 today, and someone said to be careful with my choices because I’m “young”. That may be true, but I’m not like any other 20 year old something girl out there. We all make mistakes yes, but sometimes even us early 20 year olds may already know how to play game called life by age 8. Not many 18 year olds would pack up a leave their hometown, their comfort zone, family, friends, and move to a big city. But I felt way too big in a town way too small. I had bigger dreams for myself than being kept “comfortable”. I wanted adventures, lessons, love, heart break. I wanted to LIVE with NOTHING holding me back. This is my city now, and I know it got my back when if I fall. ?? Thank you to the real ones. To ones that love me and support me unconditionally. LETS SPREAD THAT LOVE DRU STYLE ????

Dru Presta (@g0lden.bebe) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Happy birthday Eve to me!! ? 2️⃣2️⃣ I don’t care, ??‍♀️this picture took a year for me to post because of how uncomfortable I felt back then. I knew my body and yes I loved it, but seeing it on camera and what I see in the mirror is completely different. How would they react? Especially a little person doing all this? This photo shoot started it all. ? A year before this photo was taken I barely knew the understanding of accepting yourself. I lost a lot of weight compared to then and now. I definitely know and can see a difference. But that’s only growing up and going through life’s roller coasters. I’ve lost friends this year, rekindled old ones, and made new ones. Who cares want everyone else wants, it’s what YOU WANT. ??? The life I wanted has already begun, and it’s just beginning. ???

Dru Presta (@g0lden.bebe) által megosztott bejegyzés,

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