Westerosnak annyi, viszont közeleg a Westworld folytatása!

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  • 2019.05.20 | 10:48

Aaron Paul és Vincent Cassell is erősíti a 3. évad stábját!

Míg mindenki a Trónok harca miatti poszttraumás stresszel küzd, addig az HBO máris belógat egy következő nagy csalit. Folytatódik a Westworld, méghozzá a harmadik évaddal.


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Most nem a Vadnyugat vagy India a cél, sem a sógunok világa – egyenesen a jövőbe visz Aaron Paul!


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I have a challenge for you. 30 days. The challenge is to try and not use any sort of one use cups. Just don’t do it. No paper coffee cups. No plastic water bottles. Nothing. Carry a cup with you and use that. It’s a lot easier than it sounds. That is if you think that sounds hard. It’s not. The stats are staggering people! I think we can get a lot of people to be aware of the waste they create in a single month. Hear me out, Each year over 500 billion single use coffee cups are used and thrown away around the globe, that single use coffee cup, that you have used for around 15 minutes, will outlast your time on earth (most likely somewhere in a landfill or in the environment), a lot of cups end up in the environment, where they become trash on the side of the road and destroys the look of this beautiful pale blue dot and is simply pointless when we have other options. Do this with me. Carry a cup you love and help clean up this place we call home. Carry a @mybyta or any other reusable cup. Easy easy. Keep track of the amount of trash you kept off of the streets and let us know how you did. Together we can make this a more beautiful world one cup at a time. Oh and I personally challenge @justintimberlake and my girl @badgalriri to do the same. Spread the love. #30daynothrowaway For more information on the mission we are doing with @mybyta click the link in my bio. ?

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A Breaking Bad 39 éves sztárja mellett Tessa Thompson is feltűnik, és Evan Rachel Woodot sem kell majd nélkülöznünk. Bőven izmosodik a stáb, ugyanis Lena Waithe és a francia Vincent Cassel is a fedélzeten lesz.

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